Webinars and Workshops

A workshop for schools.

Covid-19 Through the eyes of our children.

This workshop offers a psychological perspective on the effects on children who have faced distressing experiences during the pandemic period. During the session we explore how these experiences may have affected a child’s ability to regulate emotions such as fear or anger and how this may be communicated through behaviour.  

The workshop offers;

  • a means of identifying a child in need of support
  • an understanding of how their emotions and behaviours may be triggered
  • guidelines on how to safely and competently support a child

We also consider developing an awareness of when might be the right time to support a child to engage with a qualified therapist.

I am able to offer further training on elements of the workshop that have particularly been of interest and also to support team leaders in promoting this understanding to the wider school system. 

The understanding gained in this workshop may also be helpful for those engaging in the session, in terms of their personal experiences. I recognise the impact of the pandemic on teachers and other members of staff working in schools and offer support through the therapy service if this is something that the individual might like to do. 

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Workshops for children, parents and teachers.

More Than Just A Feeling.

I am currently working with children, parents and teachers who are attending Telford Psychology’s ‘More Than Just A Feeling’ workshops.

The workshops aim to develop understanding, expression and management of emotion through emotional literacy and regulation work.

In particular, we focus on;

* Why and how the brain and the body produce anxiety as part of our natural defence system.

* How to recognise what triggers anxiety.

* How to manage and reduce anxiety in order to calm our defence system and to re-establish a sense of safety.

For more information or to attend a workshop, please contact telfordpsychology@gmail.com

A Workshop For Teams

Reflection can be an empowering process on both a practical and an emotional level.

I am currently working with teams to think about what works well in their organisations and when and how to instigate change where needed.

Taking time to reflect with colleagues can also help to make sense of difficult situations and to explore new ways forward. Providing time away from work content to look at processes allows employees to;

  • share knowledge, ideas and feelings
  • engage in collective and innovative decision making
  • build a greater sense of support, which in turn helps to prevent burnout.

Could time and space to reflect help your team?

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