Workplace Wellbeing

As well as working with individuals, I offer one-off consultations and on-going packages of support to organisations.

I provide the opportunity to gain support from a Chartered Psychologist to facilitate mental wellbeing within a team. Having worked in a variety of industries before becoming a psychologist (retail, hospitality, manufacturing, an airline, schools, pupil referral units, museums and a hospital) I have a broad understanding of working environments and the people at the centre of these systems.

Employee Wellbeing

Behind the job description is a person with life experiences, past and present, which influence how they think, feel and behave. If the person is struggling with anxiety or low mood, it is unlikely that bonuses or performance reviews will counteract the way they feel. Therefore, focusing on employee wellbeing is perhaps the most rewarding investment for employers to make.

My input focuses on helping employers to support wellbeing in four areas;

Time – to learn about and understand who your employees are and what they need from you.

Transparency – to cultivate an open environment in which worries are shared.

Trust – to allow employees to contribute ideas and to feel heard.

Teaching – a management strategy that recognises behaviour as a form of communication of feelings and needs.

I also work with employers to recognise the importance of self-care and building emotional resilience in the workplace.

Furthermore, I consider how relationships operate within your team and explore how relational dynamics influence performance and productivity.

My overall aim is to support teams to acknowledge and accommodate mental health needs as they would physical health needs. I enjoy helping to create working environments with positive attitudes to mental health and I also offer training on understanding specific aspects of mental health if required.

Your Wellbeing

As equally important, is ensuring the wellbeing of leaders within a team. Taking time to consider your needs as a leader but also as an individual, is imperative in preventing stress, anxiety and burnout and allowing you to be happy and healthy both personally and professionally within your team.

To discuss how I can tailor my input to the needs of your team, email:

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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”. 

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