Services Summary


I offer therapeutic support to people who are experiencing a variety of difficulties including;

  • Depression
  • Low Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss and Bereavement.

The first appointment is referred to as the ‘Assessment’ appointment and can be arranged by contacting me by telephone, email or using the contact form on my website.

Please see the Assessment and Therapy page for further information.

Schools & Young People

My work in schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, theatres and youth groups, ranges from meeting with staff members, to groups of children or individual ‘pupils’. The focus is to support the social and emotional development of children and to adopt a holistic approach to enhancing the wellbeing of the setting as a whole.

Please see the Schools & Young People page for further information.


As a psychologist and a parent, I often hear people talk of ‘parental guilt’. This type of guilt is recognised as a common aspect of parenting and a normal part of wanting to provide the best life for our children. However, occasionally this guilt can become overwhelming and may evoke feelings of anxiety. I talk to parents to help them to understand and manage their feelings of anxiety.

Please see the Parents page for further information.

Workplace Wellbeing

I offer one-off consultations as well as on-going packages of support to companies. Whether the focus is to look at relationships within a team, performance management from a psychological perspective or to provide support in understanding specific aspects of mental health, I tailor my input to the needs of your team.

Please see the Workplace Wellbeing page for further information.

Trauma Service

I focus on helping people to regain control over their lives following a traumatic experience. I support people through approaches that understand the psychological process occurring both during and after a traumatic experience.

Please see the Trauma Service page for further information.