*Are you an adult wanting to understand and manage anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties or your experience of a traumatic event?

*Are you a young person experiencing anxiety? Have you found it difficult to adapt during the pandemic? Are you struggling with low mood and a lack of motivation?

*Are you a parent whose quest for perfection causes anxiety and irritability? Are you struggling to manage a work-life balance?

*Are you an employer wanting to know more about mental health in order to develop your approach to wellbeing? Are you interested in helping employees manage stress and reduce burnout?

*Are you a headteacher, a sports coach, or a youth club leader looking for support for the emotional wellbeing of your ‘pupils’ and staff? Are you interested in building emotional resilience in children and supporting them to understand and manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours?

*Are you a GP, a practice manager, or a psychiatrist seeking therapy for your patients, or consultation regarding mental health matters?

If so, I offer you the opportunity to connect with an experienced Chartered Psychologist who brings clinical practice to you, without referral pathways and long waiting lists. 

In my aim to make mental health understandable, I support people to;

  • explore their life experiences
  • understand and manage their thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and physical sensations
  • understand themselves and others better
  • learn to set boundaries and instigate change
  • to feel heard

I particularly enjoy helping people to understand anxiety, why we need it, how it occurs in the mind and body and how to manage it when it becomes overwhelming.

I take pride in creating a genuine connection with the people that I meet. If you would benefit from a tailored approach to your mental wellbeing, or that of those around you, get in touch today.

Email telfordpsychology@gmail.com for enquiries or bookings.

*Evening & weekend appointments are available.

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Anxiety in our changing world

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